The all new X-GROW V2 SERIES offers an optimized Full Spectrum / UV-A/ IR LED grow light which delivers exceptional PPF, PPE, and PPFD levels at only 240 true Watts of power consumption.  The circular passive heatsink provides ideal thermal dissipation, and zero moving parts result in fewer failures and silent operation.  The X-GROW fixtures are manufactured using only the highest quality proprietary LED packages and Meanwell 100-277VAC SMPS drivers.  90° of light distribution offers a broad Veg/Flower footprint, phenomenal PAR levels, and deep canopy penetration; all while achieving higher-level yields


* Each fixture includes a 9' power cord and a 1/4" heavy-duty ratchet adjustable rope hanger.


** Custom pricing for orders of 10 units or above. Please contact us at for a quotation.

X-GROW FS-240 V2

  • Standard lead time is 2-3 weeks. For rush orders, please contact us directly. Online orders are for United States only. For international orders, please contact us.